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Superseded Noosa Planning Scheme 2006




Superseded Zone Map

Zone Map-  View the land use zones of The Noosa Plan – zones control the use of land so as to appropriately locate different land uses. What zoning is your land?


Superseded Biodiversity

Biodiversity Overlay – View land affected by Environmental Protection, Environmental Enhancement and the Riparian Buffer Overlays. Has vegetation on your land some level of protection under the Biodiversity Overlay?


Superseded Natural Hazard Overlay

Natural Hazards Overlay – View areas that are affected by High or Medium risk Bushfire Hazard, High or Low Potential Acid Sulfate Soils, Landslide Hazard and Flood Hazard areas.


Superseded Heritage Overlay

Heritage Overlay – This mapping layer shows heritage character areas, locally registered heritage sites and QLD registered heritage sites.


Superseded Natural Resources Overlay

Natural Resources Overlay – This mapping layer includes the Lake Macdonald water supply catchment area, land identified for agricultural conservation and shows key resource processing areas (mining etc.) and their separation buffers including the gas pipeline buffer. The layer also includes land affected by the Coastal Protection Overlay.   


Superseded Flood Hazard Overlay

Flood hazard overlay - shows potential inundation extent from a 100 year ARI flood event. This mapping may trigger development assessment against the Flood Hazard Overlay Code within the planning scheme.​

Information on flood levels for building and development can be obtain from Council through a flood search certificate.


Applications for  flood searches can be made via Council's website. Further flood mapping information can be found HERE.



Superseded Koala Habitat Areas
Schedule 7

Koala Habitat Areas Schedule 7 – is used for assessing development in koala habitat areas against the Biodiversity Overlay Code provisions within the planning scheme.

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